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Our first placement

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I really didn’t think that I was ever going to be able to write this post….
BUT….we have a foster child placement in our home!! It has been super
exciting! With that said, there are very few details that I can share publicly
because of privacy laws, but I will do my best.

First and foremost,…it’s a boy! We are over the moon in love with him
already. A few weeks ago, I received the call asking if we were interested in
taking the baby into our home. I immediately called Greg and told him the
amazing news. To be truthful, I already accepted before I called him. I didn’t
want to miss out on caring for this blessing!! We were able to visit the little
guy in the hospital that day. He is absolutely perfect and in amazing health
considering being the victim of a situation that is beyond his control. I left
that day and told Collins, who didn’t really seem to care. LOL. At 4, we didn’t
really expect her to process it in much depth.

We were able to take him home a few days later. It was a whirlwind getting
to that point. A lot of cleaning and organizing went on in 48 hours. We thought
we were ready but weren’t nearly as ready as I would have liked us to have
been. In our defense, we had been waiting for 6 months so we hadn’t really done
much to prepare past a certain point. His room is ready now though and he seems
to be settling in (which is hard with 2 dogs, a cat, and a preschooler). He
seems relived to be out of the hospital. He is very tiny but he is strong. He
has a ton of hair!

When people say that it takes a village to raise a child, they are RIGHT. I
can’t thank those of you who sent diapers and such to us on such a short
notice. You all are amazing. My work has been beyond supportive. They let me
take 2 weeks off work to be with him and get adjusted. It won’t take away from
my vacation time. They also sent gifts, which was unexpected but appreciated. I
can’t help to think this is why all the nonsense from my old job happened.
There is NO WAY I would have been able to have this kind of flexibility if I were
still working there. My #1 friend, Stephanie, flew in to help out too. Everyone
needs a Steph in their life. If you don’t have one – get one.

Everyone who has met him in person or via text has the same question and
want to know if we will get to keep him in our home and adopt him. Well, when
we started this, we knew that we wanted to adopt from foster care, but
statistically, it usually doesn’t happen with the first placement. 75% of
children return home or to a family member. We want him to stay with us forever
but that decision isn’t up to us and a lot of things would have to happen for
that to even become a viable option. So, the answer is just that we don’t know
and won’t know for a while. I can’t give any details on his case because it’s
not allowed and honestly, it’s his story to tell. This is really hard to
remember but we are trying to be mindful of why we are doing this. Collins has
shown maturity that I didn’t expect. She tells everyone “we don’t know if
he gets to stay but we will love him anyways”. If that doesn’t make you
tear up, then you must not have a heart. I am so proud of her and she is the
BEST big sister.

If anyone wants to see pictures, please send me an email at or text me. If you are reading this, I am sure you can get
in contact somehow. We won’t be sharing him on Social Media, at least not for a
while. Thank you for the good thoughts and prayers as well as for reading.
Leave me a comment! I would love to see if anyone is reading this or not 🙂


8 thoughts on “Our first placement

  1. Congratulations. So happy for y’all


  2. You know this is something near and dear to my heart! Congrats on your first placement. I’m so excited for you guys.


  3. ❤️ I think each of you are very lucky! ❤️


  4. So happy for you all. What a blessing this sweet baby boy will be to your family.


  5. Congratulations, Emmy (and family!) So happy for you all 💜💜💜💜


  6. Congratulations to your family! So happy that Collins has done so well with him.


    1. THANK YOU!! We are all surprised!


  7. So happy for your wonderful family! Hope he feels the love from NM! Lots of us here sending hugs, kisses and love!


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